December 4, 2016

After watching crime/drama ‘Prisoners’ in 2013, i was impressed by storytelling of directer Denis Villeneuve. Before that i had watched ‘Incendies’ in 2010 but it was ‘Prisoners’ which almost turned me into his blind follower. I also loved his ‘Sicario’. Last month, his new film ‘Arrival’ was released. Although i wanted to go and watch right away, i was just not able to manage movie-time. Finally went to AMC today.

Before i say anything about ‘Arrival’ i must say, it is slow paced movie. Did i love it ? absolutely. Did i enjoy it ? absolutely. It was all together different kind of film. Story demanded slow pace. There was pin drop silence in theater and i noticed, people were engrossed into the film.

It was a story of Louise (Amy Adams) who is linguist and is hired by military to translate alien communication. There was Jeremy Renner also but mostly it was Amy Adam’s show. Louise has troubled past which includes losing only daughter and not-so good relationship Continue Reading…

life experience

in love – briefly

November 26, 2016

When people are in their mid to late twenties, they get a huge pressure from their family (at least in Nepal) to get married, settle down with someone they love, have a car, house, bank balance, stable career, kids and whatnot. List goes on and on. I was no exception. I started getting this pressure from my family once i turned 24. It was few years back. Since i had passion for film-making and was travelling around the world, i kept pushing it.

‘Sure, i will get married, soon enough’ used to be my response. My mother knew, i was not planning it anytime soon. Since my both brothers had chosen love-marriage route and one of these was inter-cast relationship, family environment was friendly when it came to marrying someone you love. They didn’t care about cast or creed, as long as the boy and the girl loved each other.

Once or twice Continue Reading…


Turkish Airlines Experience

November 19, 2016

Before i booked my air ticket on Turkish airlines few months back, i had read several reviews to see if my choice was reasonable. I trust Google/Yelp reviews because those are written by end consumers. There were mixed feelings about Turkish airlines but mostly on positive side. Some complaints were about unplanned delays and i also read quite a few Nepali blogs where people were not happy about ill treatment by Turkish airlines staffs, specially at Istanbul where people had long layovers and requested accommodation. They were denied, probably without much explanation, but what i am going to write here is about my experience with Turkish Airlines.

First, let me tell you why i considered TA in the first place ? my usual flight route back to Nepal was either via Dubai/Abudhabi or Qatar and i had never liked this route, partly because the flight from States to Dubai takes 16+ hours which is long by any standard. Flying continuously for 16+ hours is painful specially if you can’t afford business class and have to fly economy. So i was looking for lil shorter route but no more Continue Reading…


and now….my brother

September 25, 2016

It was September 19th last week, Monday afternoon around lunch time when amazon app on my phone notified me about a delivery at my apartment complex. Package was received by Ms. Green in leasing office. I was not feeling well since previous night because we had gone to water-park on Sunday and most of the afternoon all we did was swimming. I was exhausted when we got back home from Splash town, even didn’t feel like turning on my pc so i read few pages of the book i was about to complete and went to sleep.

When i came to work next morning, my body was aching and felt dehydrated. Around 14:30 My manager was in a meeting, i texted him if i could leave early that day because was not feeling great.

‘Sure man ! go home and take some rest’ he was kind enough. I packed my computer and drove back home. Since it was mid afternoon, there was hardly any traffic. Before 15:00 i was in front of leasing office parking lot.

‘I am expecting a package’ i approached a white man who was busy looking at his desktop screen. Continue Reading…