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in love – briefly

November 26, 2016

When people are in their mid to late twenties, they get a huge pressure from their family (at least in Nepal) to get married, settle down with someone they love, have a car, house, bank balance, stable career, kids and whatnot. List goes on and on. I was no exception. I started getting this pressure from my family once i turned 24. It was few years back. Since i had passion for film-making and was travelling around the world, i kept pushing it.

‘Sure, i will get married, soon enough’ used to be my response. My mother knew, i was not planning it anytime soon. Since my both brothers had chosen love-marriage route and one of these was inter-cast relationship, family environment was friendly when it came to marrying someone you love. They didn’t care about cast or creed, as long as the boy and the girl loved each other.

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