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April 2, 2017

I had two and half months of rough and tough military training in Texas. Riwaj bhai drove from Houston to San Antonio for my graduation. In one of the letter i sent him sometime in Feb, i had requested him to bring few books and my Rayban aviator sunglass. I didn’t have my phone or access to internet during bootcamp so i wrote and received few wonderful letters from Riwaj, sister Sangita and few friends at work. It felt great to write letters again after many years.

I still have a letter my father wrote to me 12 years back Continue Reading…


Journey of Souls

January 10, 2017

In 2016, i read quite a lot, although i didn’t write about those here like how i used to in past but i did read some interesting books. I am not sure if i should call myself an avid reader 🙂 or not but i have always enjoyed reading and losing myself into wilderness of books. I think books have greater role in my life to shape me whatever i am today or the way i think or to build my perspective towards things or people. For past few years, i am more drawn to non-fiction, specifically towards spiritual subject.

One of the significant read for me in 2016 was a book ‘Journey of Souls’ by Dr. Michael Newton. It was a collection of 29 case studies of life between lives. It was a book about after life in spiritual world and the way Dr. Newton presents this mysterious and Continue Reading…