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December 22, 2016

2017 is right in-front of our door, i can feel it in the air. New year always makes me excited. At least for first few weeks. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful 2016. For me it was mixed but overall i must say it was a great year despite untimely death of a loved one in family. At times we try to pretend as if our lives are solid rock and everything can be pre-planned but human life is so fragile, it breaks us into pieces every time someone you love dies. But as everyone says, death is guaranteed, life is optional, better we accept it and move on.

anyway, i was going to focus more on 2017 but it won’t do justice to new year if i do not mention anything about 2016. It was a busy year, i made few long trips abroad and while i was inside US, kept myself busy with work and study and some fun in between.

Study went well, I am a decent student, Information technology is something i deal with every day at work which adds up to my study. in 2016 i worked with some great people and learnt something valuable from each of them.

In terms of fitness, 2016 was above average year, i was able to keep my athletic shape and didn’t allow any extra weight to be added and since i am going to be part of US Air-force pretty soon, I have been following military workout plan for some time now and this will continue until i ship out to complete my basic military training and tech school.

2017 is going to be an exciting and challenging year for me. First part of the year will be spent in Air-force school in Texas and Virginia and once i complete my training, i may fly to Nepal to see my mother before i return to my civilian job. I am little nervous about strict military training though. I know it will be physically and mentally draining but at the same time, i am excited about it. I want to live a disciplined and physically fit life, want to be able to deal with mental and physical stress we experience everyday without affecting my inner peace and i wish to learn to operate weapons. I am not fond of weapon or i want to glorify my weapon skill but when needed, i want to be someone to defend the weak one and be a savior of good verses bad. I think, everyone has that good in them, its just few are able to recognize and use it for benefits of others.

Like previous years, there is no set of new year resolutions this time. I don’t have any time specific goal to achieve in 2017. Last year, i wanted to quit my casual smoking habit, which i did, i no longer smoke. I regularly exercise. I wanted to join 04:00 am club, and i did join, infact it is 4:30 am club i joined. I wake up at 04:30 and do exercise before dealing with never ending work. Part of joining air-force is to install habits of discipline and physical fitness.

I will have to take a break from my university and job to complete military training so when i return back, later part of the year, i will be busy with my remaining classes at the university.

Whatever i have written here are very personal in nature and i really do not care what someone makes out of these feelings. We all are emotional in a way, i like to give them words and post it here. That is the reason, this blog exists.

Folks, i am hopeful about 2017. Lets make it beautiful. Set your new year resolutions and go for it. Leave behind your destructive habits, its just not worth it. Quit smoking if you do. Go for that degree you always wanted to have. Travel as much as you can. Go after that girl/boy you admired secretly. We should not hold ourselves back just because we don’t want to go through another heart-break. Take risk and live life. I see everyday people breathing but not living. Have some passion in life. I am not trying to act as your moral teacher here but it makes me sad to see someone not living their life.

I wish you all the best in 2017 and i am sure, we will have lot to talk about around same time next year.

Happy new year 2017.

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  • Reply You know who I am February 19, 2017 at 9:13 am

    You might be pushing your ass off in BMT, I am kindaa depressed right now and your words and thought always keeps me motivated.

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