December 4, 2016

After watching crime/drama ‘Prisoners’ in 2013, i was impressed by storytelling of directer Denis Villeneuve. Before that i had watched ‘Incendies’ in 2010 but it was ‘Prisoners’ which almost turned me into his blind follower. I also loved his ‘Sicario’. Last month, his new film ‘Arrival’ was released. Although i wanted to go and watch right away, i was just not able to manage movie-time. Finally went to AMC today.

Before i say anything about ‘Arrival’ i must say, it is slow paced movie. Did i love it ? absolutely. Did i enjoy it ? absolutely. It was all together different kind of film. Story demanded slow pace. There was pin drop silence in theater and i noticed, people were engrossed into the film.

It was a story of Louise (Amy Adams) who is linguist and is hired by military to translate alien communication. There was Jeremy Renner also but mostly it was Amy Adam’s show. Louise has troubled past which includes losing only daughter and not-so good relationship with her husband but i was taken to surprise by end of the film when i realized what we were watching for last 2 hours supposed to happen in future so basically what we were watching was flash-future.

When 12 alien spacecrafts land around the world, suddenly world is almost into verge of global war, that is when US military hires linguist Louise and Physicist Ian’s team to communicate with someone inside one of these mysterious spacecrafts and rest of film unfolds the struggle of these characters.

When you talk about story, that is about all. Performance by Amy Adam is top notch, Renner did his part well but Forest Whitaker is someone who shines as Colonel Weber. Cinematography and background score is something which i really enjoyed. BG compliments each scene to move forward the story and sets the tone of the film.

It is not a regular sci-fi film and i can’t say for sure, you would enjoy it but if you watch serious film-making, you may want to give it a chance. While driving back home, i was thinking of the story and asked myself ‘what would happen if such mysterious spacecrafts land here, how these governments would handle the situation’

It was a good watch.

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