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September 10, 2016

if you are one of those who used to come here to read my rarely written blogs:), i am sure you are wondering ‘what’s up with English now’ ? Where are those slickly Nepali blogs ?
Well, don’t be surprised. Although there is NO specific reason but mainly these two factors motivated me to go for English-

1. Typing in Nepali takes longer time (for me)
2. English is easily understood by Nepalese and non-Nepalese readers.

So i said why not ?

In many instances, when i wanted to write something and actually even had typed few paragraphs, i just didn’t complete those or lets say couldn’t finish because it was time consuming and difficult to type in Romanized Nepali if i didn’t have external keyboard. Other than that, few of my non-Nepali friends had asked me ‘why don’t you write in English so we can also read’. Never gave it a thought before but when i didn’t write anything (except college assignments) for more than a year, i realized, one of the reason was ‘comfort level’ while typing.

So finally guys, i am here, where i will try to express my feelings, thoughts in English as much as i can but take a note: since i am non English speaker, there will be grammar, vocabulary and other general language issues you will have to bear with.

While trying to write blog in English, language used here will not be of academic level which i use in my university assignments but the general one.

So folks, its all about sharing our feelings, stories and ideas in whatever medium is comfortable. For now peeps, lets roll with English :0

I will see you with a new post soon-

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