about me

Hi there,

My name is Hari. People where i work call me ‘Harry’ and at home my mother calls me ‘babu’.

First, thank you for stopping by. This is a personal space where i write about random stuffs but mostly my interest lies in cinema, adventure and spirituality and these are the subjects usually i think about. I was born and brought up in Nepal and currently live in United States.

By profession, I am an IT engineer and a member of the United States Air Force. I am not married and i plan to adopt a daughter and a dog someday.

Beside being a soldier and spending time on computer, I am passionate about free flying and filmmaking. I am a licensed paragliding pilot and spend quite some time on mountain and sky. Trust me, flying is ecstatic.

Perhaps cinema is the most entertaining and enlightening medium for me beside flying, i do watch a lot cinemas, when i say a lot, i mean it. In some weekends, i watch 10+ films. Some day i hope to make films. If that ever happens, i think it will be in crime/suspense genre. I watch films from all over the world. I have that special love for Iranian cinemas. They are just so raw and beautiful. I can’t get enough of Color of Paradise, The Wind Will Carry Us and The Taste of Cherry. Hollywood also entertains me. There are no films which i do not like. Old Boy, Man from nowhere, Pieta, 3 Iron from Korea and The Prisoners, Silence of the Lambs, The Shashank Redemption from Hollywood are among my favorites films.

I am casual spiritual seeker, whenever time allows, i study spiritual literature. Life Between Lives by Dr. Michael Newton, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss, Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle are some of my favorite spiritual books. I do read fiction as well. We will talk about those later.

For now, this is more than enough about me. I can be reached at: satelite.june@gmail.com

Happy reading,

My opinions in this blog are solely personal, and do not represent United States Air Force or any other organization i am part of.