Letter from Granny

April 17, 2017

Couple of days back, after long day in classroom, we marched back to our front pad near dormitory and i was one of four hundred airmen standing there before heading out for PT (Physical Training).

‘A1C Bhusal’ my name was called during mail call and a letter was handed over to me by MTL (Military Training Leader). I thanked him silently, and pushed envelope inside my uniform pocket. Didn’t look at any details until i returned back to my dorm room from PT.

Letter was from Marilyn Grant, sent from Maine on 5th April. She was my friend Joe’s grandmother who had come to San Antonio for his Airforce Graduation last month, where i had opportunity to meet and spend a day with her along with Joe and other family members. Continue Reading…



April 2, 2017

I had two and half months of rough and tough military training in Texas. Riwaj bhai drove from Houston to San Antonio for my graduation. In one of the letter i sent him sometime in Feb, i had requested him to bring few books and my Rayban aviator sunglass. I didn’t have my phone or access to internet during bootcamp so i wrote and received few wonderful letters from Riwaj, sister Sangita and few friends at work. It felt great to write letters again after many years.

I still have a letter my father wrote to me 12 years back Continue Reading…


Journey of Souls

January 10, 2017

In 2016, i read quite a lot, although i didn’t write about those here like how i used to in past but i did read some interesting books. I am not sure if i should call myself an avid reader 🙂 or not but i have always enjoyed reading and losing myself into wilderness of books. I think books have greater role in my life to shape me whatever i am today or the way i think or to build my perspective towards things or people. For past few years, i am more drawn to non-fiction, specifically towards spiritual subject.

One of the significant read for me in 2016 was a book ‘Journey of Souls’ by Dr. Michael Newton. It was a collection of 29 case studies of life between lives. It was a book about after life in spiritual world and the way Dr. Newton presents this mysterious and Continue Reading…


new year

December 22, 2016

2017 is right in-front of our door, i can feel it in the air. New year always makes me excited. At least for first few weeks. 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful 2016. For me it was mixed but overall i must say it was a great year despite untimely death of a loved one in family. At times we try to pretend as if our lives are solid rock and everything can be pre-planned but human life is so fragile, it breaks us into pieces every time someone you love dies. But as everyone says, death is guaranteed, life is optional, better we accept it and move on.

anyway, i was going to focus more on 2017 but Continue Reading…